1984- Quartet recording with legendary jazz saxophonist Dave Liebman. Group also included Aharon Kaminski and Eli Magen.

1988- Recording of live performance with internationally acclaimed singer Esther Ofarim at the Mann Auditorium in Tel-Aviv, Israel. The recording was released as a double CD album in 1998.

1991- Recording of original compositions with leading Israeli saxophonist Guri Agmon.

1992- Recording of original compositions for piano solo at the ‘Mishkenot Shananim music centre in Jerusalem, Israel.

1993- Trio recording of jazz standards with New York jazz greats Phil Haynes (drums) and Drew Gress (bass). The recording was done in New York and later released in Germany under the name A Couch in Brooklyn.

1994- Duo recording of original compositions with saxophonist Dave Liebman. The album entitled Graphic Reality was released in France on the OWL/EMI record label and received rave reviews from the French press (including five stars from the Classical music publication Diapason).

1995- Live performance with Jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, which was recorded and broadcast by the Israeli national broadcasting corporation Kol Yisrael.

1996- Recording of a live performance with Dave Liebman at the ‘Jazz Off Centre’ festival held in Tel-Aviv.

1996- Television recording/filming of a live performance at the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat, Israel. The group was co led with well know Israeli composer/pianist Yoni Rechter.

1997-1999- Several recordings of live performances at the famous La Villa jazz club in Paris/France done by the French broadcasting company Radio France. Performances included French as well as American jazz artists.

2001- Recording of music written for string quartet done in Paris, France.

2003- Live performance at the Maison de Radio France in Paris with French vibraphone player Philippe Macé.

2005- Duet recording with American jazz artist Mike Rossi. The recording was done in Cape Town, South Africa and released in the United States. The album Common Ground included original compositions of Rossi and of Narunsky.