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Colour: Clear, young with slight green tinge.

Nose: Clean, young with notes of lychee and musc spices, pears and tropical fruits.

Palate: Delicate, textured and fresh with a lively minerality. Lingering honeyed aftertaste.

This wine is a ‘food wine’ and will accompany duck liver, Hors d’oevres and asparagus (white and green) as well as sushi.

Colour: Medium dark red with shades of purple.

Nose: Vivacious, expressive and aromatic.
Notes of forest berries and light tobacco box enhanced by presence of small percentage Pinot Noir.
Mediterranean character reminiscent of Châteuaneuf-du-pape wines from the Rhône valley.

Palate: Very elegant and well balanced. Soft tannins and nice finish.
Flavoursome and very drinkable wine that will complement Mediterranean style dishes.

Colour: Deep, dark purple red. Lively, clean.

Nose: Deep, dark fruit; plum, blackberry, black cherry, black current, cranberry. Delicate, expressive and very elegant.

Palate: Very well structured, elegant tannins, nice long finish. Mouth filling flavours of berries to complement the nose.
A wine ready to drink now but that will certainly benefit from a long cellar ageing (10-12 years).